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Important Steps That Each UI Designer Must Follow

It’s quite difficult to stand ahead in this competitive world if one want to lead he must provide such advanced design ideas that can make a website to stand unique among the competition. An experienced and skill designer it’s not tough to layout proper design procedure. Yes, The best design process aims to add extra features, widget and content on the screen.

Before starting the design, one must examine the actual project and specify the exact requirement for the task and ask yourself regarding the elements whether they are involved in the design or not. If yes, then you must know the answer that how that particular element will enhance the website and user’s experience.

It’s quite true that features elements add value to the site, but it must be used in such a manner it satisfies the user’s main purpose of the site. This step will not only improve your experience, but also will provide you a clear picture of the task. Well very few designers follow this process.

This step guides the designer decision and determines which element must be used and what will be their function. It’s a simple logic in designing that each page should focus on one single task. If any new element does not support the existing page, then it’s obvious that the particular element is not made for that page.

The designer must include such element that enhances the user’s delight and a secondary option to solve the problem if the primary element won’t work. Just make sure while adding an extra element that it supports the current task else, it’s worthless to add new elements. You will come across numerous elements that seem to be good, but if you compare them with project requirement, then they will not delight user’s experience in any case so it’s wise to include only those elements that fit’s best in the project.

“What If” — Common question struck  when deciding design elements !!!

“What If” is one of the common questions that is used to justify the design elements. Often several times people ask the queries like “What if the user wants to have this element or functionality? What if we include this design element? What if this element can be replaced by any other design element?” and so on. All such questions having “what if” phrase do have a least priority scenario because if they were actually important then all would have been identified in the project analysis step. So before concentrating on such queries you must request that particular person to go through the requirement list and let me know if really this element is required or not.

All such queries just slow down our work nothing else. If you clearly cover this stage then you can actually design a worth design excluding  all “what if” queries.

Steps of UI Designer

Opt the mantra -: If Less Is More then More is Less

Often inexperienced designers try to add extra design elements in the hope to get more options to help the user and enhance its services but actually all such extra elements do have an adverse impact on the design as well as on the user’s objectives. Instead of helping the user’s these extra design elements just create a mess by increasing indecision probability. As user get confused which element to be used as priority and can sometime wrong decision can lead to worst output.

It’s best to have less choices  to get good results. Often two choices are enough, the more option available will lead to more mistakes and confusion.

The Design failure is mainly due to the poor assumption that every user can operate the interface. It has been surveyed that most users are not experts at using a specific UI. So one must conduct usability tests with several users to determine the interface usage understanding among common layman. Try to keep the interface simple that can be managed by even a nontechnical person.

People often have thought in mind, “I am not sure do I need to click this or shall I try and see what happens”. Thus, when you want to add new feature think from the client, prospective and then add if it is required.

Unable to Implement all features

It’s very important that your development team must have sufficient time to implement all extra features else if you have mentioned them in the design you just can’t give excuse to the client that sorry, we can’t provide you all the features because our developer have to run additional cycle to implement new features. So before adding the design element focus this prospectus also.


To wrap up I would like to mention that often designer include extra design elements that may be irrelevant as per task requirement. Keeps designer in mind that add the required and useful element in the user interface that may enhance the user’s objectives.

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