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Top 7 Web Design Trends Expected in 2015

1. Responsive

As we all know that Responsive Web Design is not a new word, but the truth is that it has evolved officially on the list for the past three years. Responsive design is acting as the key element for any website first look and if your site isn’t responsive, you need to redesign your website. It means your first priority is to plan for how it will impact your search engine optimization strategy. Also, you should keep in mind that you aren’t creating your website just for phones, tablets and desktops. In fact, your businesses need to have websites that work well in every scenario.


2. Flat Design

The trend of flat and conversions is not going to disappear in 2015 instead of disappearing it will soon gain momentum in 2015.Features due to which this trend is so adaptable is that Firstly, how we consume content and also the flat design is so focused on minimalist principals, clutter-free sites and content focused. Second, how content. Flat design is clunky free almost and much easier for a web server to deliver to devices.


3. Ghost Buttons

Ghost buttons are my new web element as they are classy. Ghost buttons are the minimal, attractive and last but not least they incorporate a very subtle hover animation. These buttons help to make any designer swoon. Ghost buttons are not only gorgeous, they have a practical application in that’s why they are the best option for calls to action being implemented over.


4. Digital surrealism

The obsession with digital media, and the blurring of the physical and virtual acted as a fuel to a new surreal movement in 2014 which is known as ‘digital surrealism’ – digitally rendered imagery creating 3D effects for surfaces specially for flat surfaces. If skillfully handled the intersection of the digital and the analogue by creating a combination of crafts and 3D technology to create mouthwatering, dreamlike, digital still life we can make a good digital surrealism.


5. Large Images

Don’t forget to incorporate a big and beautiful background image or video on your homepage. Try to capture user’s attention by being purely aesthetic. A prominent tagline and ghost button, call over the top of a powerful and elegant image can really provide elegance to your site.


6. Scrolling

In web design, there is no fold. From some time, with the rise of mobile devices and tablets, scrolling are becoming accustomed. Don’t act like it is an inconvenience when you scroll out of habit – you like to scroll! Everybody loves to scroll. Scrolling has won over clicking. Users Can love to see all you offer in the first page of your site. Home pages are getting longer.


7. Typography

Typography is going to take center stage in 2015 and will help in fulfilling every designer’s dream. Bold typography elements, when combined with large images will definitely going to dominate the web as a content is king and it’s a philosophy that will grow. You are going to see advances in responsive typography. This will allow users to read text clearly on any device.




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This entry was posted on January 13, 2015 by in Web design & development.