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Best Office Apps For Android

Mobile Productivity

We live in an Android mobile world ,while many of us spend our working days on desktops or laptops, we also find ourselves on the road and relying on tablets or Smart Phones frequently to stay connected and get work done in a smart manner.

Just imagine about serious productivity on an Android device? You will find The Google Play Store boasts several office suite options which are very popular; they all look fairly comparable. But you need to be careful also at the same time as all Android office applications are not created equal.

Office Suite 8 Premium: Best Android Word Processor

Office Suite 8 Premium offers a unique feature that no competitor can be up to and that is desktop-class word processing. The UI is intelligently designed to expand to a tablet-optimized setup and also clean, easy to use. Its robust set of editing tools is organized in such a way that it is easily accessible on-screen tabs on a tablet (and can be condensed into drop-down menus on a phone). Office Suite 8 Premium also provides everything you need practically, from basic formatting to advanced table creation to manipulation utilities. There’s even an added feature of native PDF markup utility, PDF export, and the ability of printing to a cloud-connected printer. Office Suite 8 Premium works with Word-formatted files and connects directly to cloud accounts, enables you to view and edit documents without having tension of downloading first or manually synchronizing your work.

 Android Office App

Google Docs: Runner-up Android word processor

Google’s mobile editing suite has risen up with a new and trendy look, because of its integration of Quick office. With the help of this excellent Quick office technology, the Google Docs word processor has transformed into a usable tool for folks with basic editing features.

Docs’ minimalist interface follows Google’s Material Design, making it user-friendly. It also offers basic formatting (fonts, alignment) and various tools for inserting and manipulating images. The App’s also have a spell-check function is limited to identifying misspelled words by underlining them within the text. The App syncs changes instantly and automatically when you work with cloud-based documents. You can also work simultaneously on a document from your phone and tablet.

Office Suite 8 Premium: Best Android spreadsheet editor

This is the most comprehensive range of features, Office Suite 8 Premium holds to stand out above the rest in the realm of Spreadsheets. The App’s spreadsheet editor is clean, user-friendly, and fully adaptable. It’s fully featured, with all the mathematical functions we expect organized into intuitive categories and easily accessible. It also comes up with advanced formatting options to multiple sheet support, wireless printing, and PDF exporting. Office Suite offers a large list of cloud storage options that you can connect with to which results in keeping your work synced across multiple devices.


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