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PHP vs. Node. js : An epic battle for Developer mind share

In this World of Technology , We never know which technology will be in the market and overcomes previous technology and will rule the market same thing happens when Node.js came into market of IT field and is giving tough competition to PHP and Javascript who are believed to be administered of the Internet together. Although Node.js is not perfect it also has some pros and cons like every other technology have. Here some best features of PHP as well as Node.js are enlisted so that we can make remark according to our viewpoint that who should be the Winner?

Where PHP Wins: Mixing Code with Content/Substance

Just imagine about serious productivity on an Android device? You will find The Google Play Store boasts several office suite options which are very popular; they all look fairly comparable. But you need to be careful also at the same time as all Android office applications are not created equal.

Where Node.js Wins: Separating Concerns

One thing that will end in crippling you is when you mix code with content/substance. You will also observe that in starting you will enjoy mixing code in with HTML, but later on you will feel messed up. There are two layers, one is the logical layer and another one is cosmetic layer and it is the duty of the real programmer to separate these two layers from each other and add structure into it.

Where PHP Wins: Deep Code Base

PHP code is ruling the Web as the most familiar and popular platforms to build websites that are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are all written in PHP. Also, Plug-ins based upon these three are in PHP. So we can’t ignore the importance of PHP.

Where Node Wins: Newer code with more modern features

We agree that there are thousands of great open source PHP files, but some of them are too old WordPress plug-ins which remains untouched by programmers as they are of no use to them. Nobody is going to waste his/her time on these plug-ins which are not even updated for too long. On the other side Node.js comes with not only with new features, but also built with full knowledge of the latest architectural approaches so that they can be better adjusted in today’s technology.

Where PHP Wins: Its Simplicity

There is a true saying about PHP that its simplicity is the reason that makes it one point ahead of Node in some cases. It consists of a couple of variables and essential capacities of numbers and juggling strings. It also consists of a slim layer for movement of information from one port to another. If we take the measurement for intricacy for work, then PHP is the perfect measure.

Where Node Wins: Its Complexity

As numerous little quirks in Javascript makes it frantic, although it is advanced dialect and also consists of some valuable peculiarities such as terminations. But also you can make libraries which are more efficient like jQuery conceivable and these can be done by reconfigure.

Where PHP Wins: Speed of Coding

Most of the Engineers feel that PHP for Web application development are speedier as there are no compilers, no need of any arrangement, no JAR records/ preprocessors just a catalog of documents are there. PHP is being considered as a most decent instrument to utilize.

Where Node Wins: Its Raw Speed

The most difficult thing is Java composition specially when checking sections which are wavy but if once it get set then Node.js can fly. It also helps in avoiding the juggling strings.Now it is also well constructed in all manners.


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This entry was posted on February 24, 2015 by in Web design & development.