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How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website?

WordPress is a super-duper platform, powered by high-end features, easy functionality and mouth-falling flexibility. It holds the merit of supporting more than 250 million websites and known for rendering ultra-professional solutions in a few single steps. However, like everything else, WordPress too has its sore points. Despite so much to cherish about, the one drawback of WordPress that spoils the winning aura is its low speed – the one unifying factor among the websites developed using this platform.

As we all know, users have pathetically low tolerability threshold and this is applicable to every business vertical, not just Online. Users get quickly irritated if things go awry. Thus, a sluggish website is definitely not their cup of tea. A slow-running website will not only disappoint the existing users, but will also thwart the new customers to surf the site.

Why Speed Matters?

That’s simple

  1. Your competence as an online entrepreneur will be hamstrung by your snail-paced website.
  2. Your customers, seeing the ineffectiveness of your site, will prefer your rival to You.
  3. Your website will be ranked poorly on search engines. You will become Anti-SEO.

Considering the spiraling difficulty, we have listed some workable and speed-inducing methods to pep up your website performance. Employ them for your own good.

Speed up WordPress Website

  • Consider a Good Hosting Partner: Your website is expected to receive a major performance fillip when it runs on a robust host, such as WP Engine. With the superior support of this website host, the browser gets connected in just 7 milliseconds if compared to other inferior and shoddy hosts which takes 250 milliseconds. The logic is simple – If you expect a site to zip through, choose a good hosting service.
  • Select a Good Theme: WordPress is littered with spectacular themes and frameworks. However, all that shines is not gold. While some themes are customized to deliver incredible performances, others are typically awful masquerading as flexible and bespoke solutions. A theme change can beautifully augment the Website speed and overhaul the performance. Pingdom is a tool that can be used by Webmasters so as to know the theme’s impact on the page speed and ramp up the site’s functionality.
  • Choose A Good Content Delivery Network: Content Delivery System has all the powers to create an out-of-the-ordinary website with respect to speed and expediency. A well-built CDN eradicates the invariable elements and allows the users to download the files as quickly as possible. Several web developers recommend Max CDN Content Delivery Network.
  • Optimize Images and Homepage: Image and Homepage optimization are the power boosters to your website. Image optimization shores up the speed by reducing the file size considerably without interfering with the quality. Similarly, Home Page Optimization removes the extra widgets, posts and plugin’s, amplifying the loading speed to the relish of the online users.
  • Purge the Database: WordPress comes with an outstanding feature of auto-saving everything. But the blessing turns into a curse when the database gets filled with revisions, pingbacks and other dumped items. The collection of such trashed items gets accrued, slowing down the performance. A plugin called WP-Optimize can dump the waste out, keeping the website’s speed appreciably high.

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