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Concepts & Advantages of Open Source Development

Open source development is one of the core areas of the development field. An Open source is a development approach for making software products. We people, mostly name this methodology as free software, but in actuality the term free refers to its usability and nature, users have the privilege to study and modify. Every good thing is not available for free (in terms of money) in this world, but one can get them at minimal charges. Web Development Companies like to implement an open source framework, because they find it safe and hassle free.


There are three main advantages of using Open Source Framework:

1) High Quality Softwares

Open source softwares are mostly of high quality, well maintained and designed. They are efficiently used for coding. So become an ideal choice for development.

2) Easy and Better Management

Anybody can easily manage the open source code. The main technologies are CIM (Common information model) and WBEM (Web based enterprise management). These technologies allow us to combine server, application and workstation management.

3) Easy Licence and Helping Communities

It enables you to install licence a number of times. There is no such tracking or monitioring, you can access it from any location. Also, there are a number of communities, helping and supporting you in different problem.

Because of all these key points open source became a major part of software development.


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