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Top 10 Free Responsive Testing Tools-Oct 2016

Free 10 Online Responsive Screen Checker Online Tools-Oct 2016
Top Best Free 10 Online Mobile Responsive Checker Tools- Oct 2016

iPad landscape · width: 1024px, iPad portrait · width: 768px, Android (Nexus 4) landscape · width: 600px, Android (Nexus 4) portrait · width: 384px, iPhone 6 Plump landscape · width: 736px, iPhone 6 Plump portrait · width: 414px, iPhone 6 landscape · width: 667px, iPhone 6 portrait · width: 375px, iPhone 5 landscape · width: 568px, iPhone 5 portrait · width: 320px , many more screen sizes you can check here For Your knlowldge you also can check your custom screen size for these anyone Online tool.


1. Responsive Design Checker (Media Genisis )

What is Responsive Design Checker ?

Responsive design refers to a technique that enables websites to change their layout and content based on the device being used to view them. For example, if your site uses responsive web design, a visitor who opens it on an iPhone will see a layout that is optimized for that phone’s smaller screen. Check here online responsiv

Copy this link “”

Past your browser address bar

Click to “Screenfly”

Type website URL

Click to “Go” Button

e website in desktop , laptop , tablets and all phones sizes screen in this website.

How to check my responsive website in responsive design checker tool/Media Genisis ?

  1. Visit to website
  2. Click to “Responsive Design Checker”
  3. Past your website link in search box
  4. Click to “Go”

Now You can select any screen size of responsive screen.


2. Responsive Test
What is Responsive Test ?
Responsive Test is a free online tool for check any type of website size, you can called this Responsive website checker.

How to check my responsive website in responsive test checker tool ?

  1. Go to Website Home Page
  2. Click to left hand side “Enter your URL” Box
  3. Copy -Past your website link in this box
  4. Go to “Enter”

Now you can get  all screen size of responsive mobile device sizes , iphone size, all other phone size and website sizes .


3. Responsinator
Responsinator helps website makers quickly get an indication of how their responsive site will look on the mobile devices and desktop and other devices  . This is no 1 webdesigner and web development tool for check responsive size check in any platform and device. You can buy this at just usd $60 per year.

Who is the maker of Responsinator Online Tool ?
Tama Pugsley and Andy Hovey is the maker of free Online Responsive device checker tool Responsinator.

How it Works ?

  1. Go to website url “”
  2. Click to left hand side text “Enter your site” search box.
  3. Now Enter your website Url /Copy-past your website in search box
  4. Click to “Go” Button

Result is in-front of you.


4. Matt Kersley

This tool has been built to help for tester, designer and developer. This tool maker a web designer & developer Matt Kersley.

How it Works ?

  1. You can enter your website’s URL into the top of test your own site …
  2. type the url and hit enter.


5. I am Mobile

I am Mobile tool is the best tool for check free responsive screen. In this website  you can check any size screen like(iphone, ipad, ipode, window phone, android , desktop screen and all other screens.

For check responsive screen follow this:

  1.  Go to website home page
  2. Type your website URL in search box
  3. Click to “Are you Mobile ?”

After view result can share in your social profile of Twitter

6. Quirk Tools

QuirkTools was made by kyleschaeffer. This apps are designed specifically to fill the gaps in existing processes used by art directors, graphic designers, developers and information architects.

  1. Copy this link “”
  2. Past your browser address bar
  3. Click to “Screenfly”
  4. Type website URL
  5. Click to “Go” Button

Result Show In : Netbook, Notebook, Desktop, iphone, ipad , google nexus, android , television and custom size.


7. Design Modo
This is Free online checker tool for any mobile device screen, You don’t have need to any device for check responsive screen , you can check online any sizes of mobile , desktop and other screens in this website.

For check responsive screen  go to these steps:

  1. Open this link in browser
  2. Type your website url in search box
  3. and Hit Enter


8. responsivepx

In Responsivepx tool , can check local and online screen sizes.

  1. Visit website link “”
  2. Type of your URL
  3. Click to “Open”


9. Mobile Phone Emulator

This is very good website  for check responsive website. Mobile Phone Emulator created by Cowemo

This is Very Easy to check your responsive screen :

  1. Go to Mobile Phone Emulator website
  2. Go to right hand side “website to emulate”
  3. Type your website link /url
  4. Click to “Go”

You can also change any size of screen.

10. Semalt Responsive Web Design Testing Tool

This is top searches responsive checker tool , Here you test tablets, iPhone screens,  Android screens,  any other mobile devices.

  1. You Can Check Responsive screen with in Just 2 Clicks
  2. Open Website “”
  3. Type your website url in search box and click to “Start Now”

All of above responsive screen tools provides free feedback/services, and it’s easy to check / test your website screen. In future when you’re building a website/ testing website and then if you are forget smartphone / Mobile any platform , then these tools can 100% help for responsive screen check for any responsive platforms. All tools are online and totally free.





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